Introducing RME, the modern rights organization fixing digital attribution and royalty payments

Oct 3, 2022


LOS ANGELES, October 3, 2022 —  RME, the digital-first rights management organization, announced today the launch of its services to provide proper attribution and transparent royalty payments for creators worldwide. Pronounced R·ME, the collection organization is fighting for fair and accurate royalty payments by bringing pay-per-play licensing, the lowest transaction fees, and the most advanced technology available to an industry unwilling to innovate.

It’s been more than 150 years since the first performance rights organization was formed, and in that time music has evolved to be at the center of digital creation and consumption. Yet collection organizations have failed to keep up with the times, instead growing increasingly inefficient and biased. These once well-intentioned rights managers now take exorbitant fees, offer no transparency to their members, ignore the needs of independent creators, and make little effort to ensure accurate or fair payments. Creators deserve a collection organization that puts them first, and with RME, they will finally have an ally fighting for their rights. 

Powered by digital rights technology leader Pex, RME is hyper-focused on serving unaffiliated songwriters and collecting royalties from user-generated content (UGC). There are millions of unaffiliated songwriters whose royalties are sitting unclaimed in the black boxes of content-sharing platforms, thanks to inadequate technology and a system that rewards ignorance. Music consumption will only continue to grow on these platforms, leaving more and more creators without attribution or payment. Unclaimed royalties can be prevented, but collection organizations and platforms are unmotivated to fix them, leaving creators to fend for themselves.

“Attribution should be a human right, and creators should be credited and compensated accurately for the use of their IP,” said Pex Founder and CEO Rasty Turek. “Attribution is the first step to solving royalty disparities and Pex is proud to have RME leveraging its cutting-edge technology to bring transparency and equity to payments, which is especially needed with the growth of UGC.” 

Leveraging the most advanced identification and attribution technology available, RME will support creators with pay-per-play licensing, fair and accurate payments, and transparent reporting. With this approach, RME aims to eliminate black boxes and unjust market-share payouts. RME’s tech-first strategy enables creators to truly understand their content and payments, without losing their hard-earned revenue to self-serving institutions. RME takes the lowest fee for its services so creators keep more of their money. 

Innovation in royalty collection and licensing has been long overdue, but not anymore. Unaffiliated songwriters can start getting paid what they deserve by signing up for RME’s beta program at

About RME

RME (pronounced R·ME) is the modern rights management organization enabling more equitable and accurate payments for creators and rightsholders globally. Powered by Pex’s robust digital rights technology, RME delivers proper attribution, pay-per-play licensing structures, and transparent reporting. RME is on a mission to fight for fair and accurate royalty payments for all types of creators, but is hyper-focused on serving unaffiliated songwriters and collecting royalties from user-generated content (UGC). Unaffiliated songwriters should sign up for RME’s beta program today to get started. Learn more about RME by visiting


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We believe rights management should be easy, transparent, and put creators first. Most importantly, we believe creators should get credit when their work is used and we will fight for proper attribution.