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RME is a leading provider of total satellite communication solutions in the UK. Providing hardware, software and support for everyone, from the single-handed yachtsmen to the Ministry of Defence.

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Pre-Pay and Save!

Iridium is the only truly global, mobile satellite voice and data solution. Now with the new prepaid packages available, there is no monthly fee, and you could even get the hardware heavily discounted or free click here for more details.....

For further details on the iridium system click here.

Plug and Play HSD

The Regional BGAN Satellite Modem links to a standard PC or notebook.
Users can access e-mail, transfer files, or surf the Internet at speeds greater than twice the speed of current terrestrial GPRS cellular services.

Regional BGAN is an Internet Protocol (IP) packet data service, built on GPRS technology, offering fast and reliable computer connectivity to the world. It will be available in up to 99 countries, subject to licence. The Regional BGAN Satellite IP Modems will connect seamlessly to the Internet or to corporate computer networks from anywhere inside the coverage area.

For further details on the Regional BGAN Service, click here.

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